Monday, April 26, 2021

As Is Tradition

 The Monday bupkis.

Where I am sans fodder.

It's not like I haven't occasionally thought about firearms this weekend, I just haven’t thought anything blog worthy.

Saw a really nice picture of a gunsmith workshop on Facebook, but I can’t share that.  It was neat and well lit and had a window to another part of the shop.  I've always appreciated good workshops.  I didn't spend nearly enough time in mine, and now that my bad back prevents me, I really want to.

Fixit ideas on the back proceed, I am just impatient with the progress speed.  Got a line on some ablasion...

Few chairs are comfortable.  I got a prescription for a medical-chair at work, but I tried people that already had a chair for bad backs.  They were all worse.  The regular Aeron I already have is the best of them.  And at home, the La-Z-Boy in front of the TV, actually.  I feel like Roald Dahl.  Unable to get comfortable writing anywhere but the comfy chair in the writer's shed.  

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