Monday, April 12, 2021

Cautious Optimism

 Was referred to a chiropractor by the neurosurgeon. "It can't hurt and it might help."

He does four things

Zaps the lumbar area with a tens unit.

The chiro adjustment, on just the back.

Laser therapy on the feet soles for the neuropathy.

And decompression of the lumbar spine on a special table.

And I am starting to notice a bit of improvement.  The pain is still 3-4-5, but more 3 and less 5.  I haven't been 1-2-3 since I was on steroids and oxy for a week and a half.  We shall see.  As I write this it is 4PM on a Saturday and I haven't taken any Advil.  I am uncomfortable, yes, but I've been worse, and anything to give my organs a break I try to do.  

If indeed it is improving...  The pace is still morale-sappingly slow.  


Miguel GFZ said...

If TENS is working, get this little device. LG TEC Elite.
Don't let the small size fool you. It delivers like the big sucker at the Chiro. I have one and use it

And the replacement electrodes are inexpensive and stick to you like a possessive girlfriend

Carteach said...

Hang in there.

ProudHillbilly said...

I have a home "rack" because of disc problems in my neck. Goes over the door, uses water for weight. Whenever I start having serious problems I use it a few times and it really works. You might check into that.