Friday, April 30, 2021

No, not the 'he was a vegetarian and nice to dogs'

You can say what your will about Hitler.  He was the personification of evil and doom for friend and foe alike. Pure evil, just straight to the bone.  That he made those awful little cars possible.  

But he did accomplish one very good thing that no one else was able to do despite lots of trying.  He did manage to kill Hitler.  Shoulda done it 6 years sooner. Coulda saved a lot of trouble.


McChuck said...

I'll say this for Hitler - Adolf was no Joe Stalin.
Compare and contrast the German occupation of France with the Soviet occupation of, well, anywhere.

Windy Wilson said...

Or Mao, or Pol Pot. It might also be said that Mussolini was no Hitler, either, although his rise to power has been thoroughly sanitized.