Thursday, April 1, 2021

Guns for Hunters

 Or Hunter in this case.  The crack addled prodigal Biden.

It's reported the gun he bought that was then pitched in a dumpster by his girlfriend was a Colt Cobra snubbie .38.  I'd guess one of the new ones Colt has been making since interest surged with The Walking Dead's Python, and not a vintage one.  Retails for about the same as a Smith & Wesson J-Frame.  

Why that model, I wonder?  For him, price would be little object, he's got all that Burisma board bribe money of $50k a month even with his Pops taking 50% of that off the top.    

He kept it in a car lockbox, so maybe he didn't want anything full size.  I bet he's a n00b at shooting, so he doesn't want any learning curve on his blaster's operating system, and a revolver is as easy to use as a fork.   


ASM826 said...

I agree that using a revolver is as easy as using a fork. Ever watch a toddler learning to feed themselves? It's a messy process. It takes a couple of years, starting with a spoon, then working up to a very rounded tine fork, finally graduating to a normal fork, the whole time being corrected and coached.

Two years for a new shooter, shooting every day, three times a day, with proper coaching, and they should be able to master a revolver.

Buying a revolver and pulling the trigger on a couple of boxes of ammo is not mastery.

B said...

ASM826 is correct.....But most people THINK they can use a revolver easily. They are wrong, but by then they've bought the gun.

Therefore the sales in snubby revovers are high....mostly people that never fire them more than a few cylinders worth.

Will said...

This is almost entirely due to bad stocks on the gun. Absolutely stupid choices by ALL the snubbie makers.
A) Naked backstraps
B) Wood
C) Too thin
D) too short length
E) too short height
F) poor shaping