Sunday, April 11, 2021

More like 'he's a moose knuckle'

Does this pic mean the ATF nominee David Chipman just earned a Pat Rogers moose-cock patch, earlier in his day, after dropping a mag?

Or does he just love moose-cock?


Marty said...

This is the same guy that proudly posed in front of the burned-out rubble and charred remains of the Waco Kids that died in the compound fire.

Pigpen51 said...

It isn't even so much the thought that this POS might be confirmed as the leader of the BATFE's, it is the sheer arrogance of the Democrats that they would even put someone so far to the left for a position such as this.
I hope that enough of the new gun owners are liberals that they put some pressure on their congress crappers, because in my state of Michigan, both senators, Stabenow and Peters, are simply rubber stamps for anything the Democrats do.