Friday, April 16, 2021

Set Screw

These are set screws.

I've always heard em called a set screw, but they apparently have other names.   LOTS of em.  More than you'd think for something so tiny. 

Recently I heard it called worm screw, from some New Zealander.  

First heard grub screw from this guy. A few years back.

I think they are called 'spanners' in some parts of Britain.

NEVER heard it referred to a blind screw, tho.  I'll have to keep an ear out.

Make up your mind.  Decide on a name and stick with it.  Like Jo Blocks.  Folks call em Jo Blocks.  THey never call em Frank Blocks.  That would be silly.

Wait. They also call em Gage Blocks.  WHO THE HELL IS GAGE?!


B said...

Set screws have a flat bottom and do not damage the shaft. Grub screws have a serrated or pointed bottom to bite into the shaft and are much more secure.

At least that is the difference I was taught.

Ritchie said...

"I think they are called 'spanners' in some parts of Britain."
Gudgeon Pin Pinch Bolt Spanners. Fixed it for ya.