Sunday, April 18, 2021

This makes me feel pathetic

 He was much harder on his own body that I ever was on mine.  But here he is.  My age.  Playing professional Hockey with his sons, and still good at it.  There exists Howe to Howe assist-goals.  A professional hockey player has shouted "Dad!" during a match and gotten a puck passed to him.  

Gordie strode the world as a god.  


Marty said...

Dude. Brenda is about to make you do stuff you ain't gonna like. Like make appoints for you. Get power of attorney. Roll up a newspaper...

Unknown said...

I remember reading NHL players would not take cheap shots or rough checks on Gordie when he came back to play in his second career.

Some writer asked if it was because of his age. The hockey player said no, it's because we are all scared of him.