Sunday, June 21, 2020

Angry Cat, seen on FB

Usually the orange cats are the friendlier ones.  I guess this one got pushed too far.

Old skool.  Not the M14/M1A.

I got bad news for ya.  The dudes that bought into the superiority of the Springfield M1A battle rifle over the poodle shooters (like me) are now too old to be crawling around in the woods.  Cooper's been dead 14 years.  A whole generation of soldiers have come up fighting wars that had only really just begun back then.  A few of them have their own .308.  With much better magazines.

That tomahawk isn't much good for anything besides hitting folks with.  Bound to be more utilitarian choices that would do that as well, and other things.

But I appreciate the kitty's spirit and earnestness.  Prolly hats commies as much as me.

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