Monday, June 22, 2020

Pulpy Men's Magazine Illustrations

Like it says on the tin.

Guns and cheesecake, but with disappointing sized images.  Just another method of serving me web ads.

I can't keep up, in my dotage, with all the various social media.  And I haven't put the effort in.  Because I don't need more.  But there are other sources of better pics.

But I don't have any sex fears, ma'am.  Or even anxieties.  Got over those long long ago.  Like many things it amounts to relaxing and going with it.  If you lack confidence fake it til you gain some.  But always be learning

Or are things different in Australia.  I figure the Sheila is from down under based on her adversary.  They looks like native Australians and are armed with boomerangs.  I hope you and your Brownings get out of the scrape you are in.

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