Saturday, June 20, 2020

It's been a bad year for Corporate Logos

First Land O' Lakes

Now Aunt Jemima, Cream of Wheat, and Uncle Bens.

That British MP is angry and lots of the Kellogg's cereal mascots for some reason.

You notice fast food joints, their mascots have red hair?  Ronald McDonald, Wendy, the Burger King.  I bet Harland Sanders had red hair before it went white.   What's you bet the Starbucks mermaid is as carrot-topped as Ariel.  Whatcha bet... 

Update:  And Eskimo pie this very morning.

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BobF said...

While Quaker Oats is reimaging/renaming products they should know that i am deeply offended by their very company name -- anti-progressive, refusing to communicate or travel by socially normalized means, apparently in order to denigrate those who are of the norm (horrible!). They further denigrate "outsiders" by their social restrictions. Oh, I am soooo offended and demand the "Quaker" be struck from the company name. "Oats" alone should be acceptable to most,but then it takes only a handful to successfully demand change.

/snark sort of