Friday, June 5, 2020

Gun store

So, the range is also a gunstore.

And it is in Maryland, so getting something like a heavy barrel hunting-AR or a pistol requires extra hoops, cuz you need a license to purchase.  New gun buyers find that hill ahead of them, slowing down their purchase schedule. 

"So what can I get sooner than a month from now, since I am a first time buyer?"

Well, shotguns and bolt action rifles.

When the WuFlu Lockdown started 2 months ago, our gunstores in the state were open and essential.  And lots of them disconnected their phones because every 10 seconds they said "Sorry, we have no more shotguns for sale at this time."  Land office bidness

Re-supply for the disease panic hadn't really happened before this second Riot and the Cop Ain't Comin to Help Panic started up.  Land office times two?  The counter is going to burst into flames from all the friction.

So, boomstick inventory was noticeably sparser than EVER was what I witnessed at the range.  I mean more than any other panic.  There were some pistols because of the speed bumps, but not as many as usual.  The wall of Fudd long guns was done.   Couple HBARs was it.  Again, speed bump to take one of them home.  

Ok, NOW pass laws restricting guns on these new gun owners further.  That'll be interesting to see how that turns out.


Donulld said...

FYI, An AR-15 HBAR is cash and carry.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

But a stripped lower is or isn't?

I LIVE here and I don't know how these damn laws work...

Donulld said...

I stripped lower, because you could build a pistol with it, is regulated. It requires the online 77R application and a 7 day wait, but you do not need an HQL to buy it.