Friday, June 26, 2020

Serious Rut

Forgot to go to the range yesterday.  That hurts my blog fodder.

Seriously in a rut.   Trying to avoid the sauce because the liver could use a break, and when I am in a rut I over indulge.  Like one does.

Historical tidbit I learned?  President Taft had an ambassador to Mexico named Wilson that was a serious mutton-head that added greatly to the misery of our neighbor to the south during their hard second decade of the 20th C. 

President Madero had ended the long period of stability, progressive development, but political tyranny, of the Porfirato, but treated his political enemies too nicely and his friends too shabbily.  That doomed his presidency.  But it too Wilson to get him killed by his usurper.  And his martyrdom kept the revolutionary ball rolling for a long time after. 

Way to go, Mr. Wilson.  One of the worst things to ever crawl out of Indiana.

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