Monday, June 15, 2020

Went to a gunstore

A small one in Fredericksburg VA. They had a Tippmann Gatling gun that 9mm Glock mags. Neat!

If I were thinking on making one I'd have drifted toward a rimmed cartridge like a .38 Special, but I lack imagination.  Tippmann has apparently figured it out.

While there on a Saturday, this tiny gunshop had a lotta traffic, but no noticeable dent in his stock for sale.  But I had never been there before.  Maybe he normally has bigger displays up.  Or piles of ammo for sale.  And I have no 'before' picture in my head to compare it too.

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LCB said...

Somebody used to make a .22 Gatlin Gun. I've always wanted one. Would be a blast to shoot the ammo would be affordable.