Saturday, June 6, 2020


Dismantle the Po-po!  That will will bring nigh utopia, according to Ellison

He doesn't realize what the police do to protect him.   HIM personally.

Notice the riot cops aren't going all Kent State on the rioters?  If you didn't have the riot cops there wouldn't be anyone protecting the rioters

Yes, cops are protecting the rioters.

But, you know, maybe Jeremiah wants escalating warfare in the streets.  His proposal is knocking a leg out from the rule of law.  Just like if you took the president out of the federal three branch system.  You'd regret that pretty quick.

 So mob rule comes next.  And mob rule goes both ways.  Vigilante mobs will rear their heads along with the run of the mill barabarian mobs we are seeing right now.  But Leftists do have a problem thinking beyond the next stage. I don't want either kind of mob.  I've always wanted reform.


But Marx will tell you that Reform is the enemy of Revolution.  (or was that Pliny the Elder?)  And 'they' want Revolution, not Reform.  But Reform:

There are plenty of police reforms that could be enacted from a libertarian perspective that would improve matters. Qualified immunity reform is libertarian. Holding police accountable for misbehavior is libertarian. Reducing the power of police unions is libertarian. Getting rid of overtime and pension abuse is libertarian. Banning no-knock raids is libertarian. Reducing bloated police department bureaucracies is libertarian.

Leftists oppose and Libertarians flail, so we probably won't be lucky enough to get adequate reforms.

"What about the GOP, T-Bolt?"

They're the 'heavy.'  You knew that. 


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