Friday, June 19, 2020

It sold

The old 1980s Commander I had I on consignment that wasn't suitable to custom work?  KaChing.  Finally.  I put it in... Thanksgiving?

Now I have money.  Gun money.  What to get?

Well, been looking at black plastic striker fired service 9mm pistols.  Or maybe the slim version of same.  At least I can get magazines mailed to me in Maryland for the thin ones.   I have a double stack 9mm.  Meh, it's just money.

"But you sold a 1911, T-Bolt!  The nigh perfect piece of gun engineering!"

Yeah, I don't need factory 1911s now.  I have a salvaged frame (the .45 slide is awful) that I use with the Ciener conversion kit.  Expensive .22, that.  I have two I rebuilt or built myself, and I have another bare frame for 'someday.'  In my dotage, that is plenty of nigh perfects.

"What would you do with that one frame leftover?"

Dunno.  Maybe a Commander.  Maybe a 9mm 1911.   Maybe a .45 with a threaded barrel.


This another data for gun stores.  Inventory is sparse in Maryland.  Ones I've witnessed are at 1/3 merchandise capacity and would love to be able to get more but no more to be got.  So who is the gun salesman this time?  Dr. Fauci?  Corrupt cops?  Tattooed street Commies?  Blue state Democrats?


Miguel GFZ said...

Ruger PC Charger.

It even comes with a rail for the arm brace.
Ruger or Glock mags

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I'd guess that one is on the MD list.