Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Well, that's good news at least

From a writer of The Federalist.

"The Riots and Protests Will Make Gun Ownership More Popular"

Sorta commonsensical.

First we said Bill Clinton was the world's best gun salesman.  Then Obama.  Then Hillary before she lost the election.  But I think George Soros and his inexorable push for more international socialism drives this whole thing.  Sounds like ancient anti-Semitic tropes, or a puppet master pulling the strings behind the scenes, and that would be icky.  But Soros is a former Nazi type, and not so much a puppet master as a stubborn but focused donation machine that has the wrong idea about what is best for the world.

But there is no real face of gun sales now.  Antifa?  BLM?  Biden?  The Rona?  Naw.  No face.  Just events.  And schizo democrats.

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Windy Wilson said...

Give AOC a microphone, like the monkeys and the typewriters producing "Hamlet", eventually she'll say something that will toast enough people and she can go back to her first love, bartending.