Sunday, June 7, 2020

I don't think about Metrocons much anymore

Urban conservatives that are conservative about everything except.

All the latest events the last few years have shown that they aren't just anti-gun.  They are anti-conservative.  A shame really.  Influential thought leaders that were never really in agreement with me on much of anything.

Oh sure, there are still on or two over at National Review that are in tune with my political sensibilities.  But you gotta turn elsewhere.

It makes one cynical.

That's the thing about Trump.  We all know he isn't REALLY conservative.  But he's been getting stuff done of the relatively correct bent.  Cleaning the Augean Stables a bit.  I mean if W did a quarter of his de-reg jag we'd be a lot better off today.  But W wasn't so much a conservative either, was he?

I just wish Trump was more pro-gun.  Or had more pro-gun action, at least. 

Anyway, there are few metrocons now.  Real one.  But I do worry about James Lileks in Southwest Minneapolis.  He's a little guy, and I bet he has no firearms to home, and HE is good people.

And his town is F-ed, and unlead.

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Ritchie said...

No po-po? Wasn't there a movie or something
about that? Colander optional.