Sunday, June 14, 2020

You folks that use Revolver Shotguns

Like the Taurus Judge.

Have you ever patterned it by shooting it at a big piece of butcher paper 30 feet away?

I assume you'd never shoot at something further away.  It IS a self defense firearm.  You aren't looking to shoot at sumthin' further.

What did the pattern look like?  A big ring? 

I am curious because I have never done this.

Does the rifling in that pistol length barrel cause the pattern to ring, with few pellet in the center, but plenty in the periphery?

If it does ring like that, is that acceptable?


Tim said...

Because of the popularity of the Judge and S&W Governor there is a huge selection of different 410 self defense loads. But of course good luck find them right now.

Taurus now has 5 different models of the Judge, and S&W has 3 models of the Governor.

Tim said...

I was wrong Taurus now has 12 different models of the Judge

McChuck said...

Paul Harrell has done the hard work for us, in a whole series of videos.


TL;DW: The Judge (etc.) sucks at just about everything. Just use a .357.

Witold Pilecki said...

My Governor did just fine at self defense range with 000 Buck and Hornady Critical Defense. A center mass shot will put the projectiles in separate holes in vital areas. Accuracy with .45ACP or .45 Long Colt is also right where I aim at 5 to 7 yards. I alternate shotshell and .45 Long Colt with the cylinder set for shotshell first.

Ritchie said...

Shorten the cylinder to .45 Auto Rim or Colt and fit a barrel that goes back to the cylinder face. Presto, a semi-bullpup revolver.