Thursday, June 18, 2020

With all the awful current events

This year, and the last few weeks in particular, my favorite escapist reading has been the hard boiled detective stories by the chronicler Howard of Warwick, writing in England in 1066 AD. 

I appreciate that it's far removed from plagues and wars and unrest and incompetent corrupt government officials...

Well, the plagues and wars and unrest and corruption of the 21st C.  Ugh, I need a break, and it is hard to avoid the stuff I need a break from. 

Anyhoo, picking up where I left off.  Our protaganist, Brother Hermitage, just bid adieu to the King of England, who has to rush south and take care of some bidness.  He'll be back in a trice with more instructions for his newly promoted Royal Investigator, I am sure!


Yeah, I am liking this series much better than the disjointed and poorly paced Tuesday Next, which I think is suffering from being a first novel.  It didn't start very strong, #1 in this series.  Maybe Fforde gets better, but I am digging the Death series much more.  Thanks all, just the same for recommending one or the other.


And I am amazed how much detective fiction I run into lately without really trying.  It's not even my jam.  Well, not purposely.  I have had a kindle for years and years and from the beginning have sorted it into genres that fit on the 'home' page of my paperwhite.  They are, with titles stored inside:

  1. Adventure & Crime (84 items... only?  Huh.)
  2. Africa & Hunting (24 items)
  3. Asia (23)
  4. Fantasy & Future (224 items, because I have everything Heinlein wrote, and have read like 5% of those.  Honor Harrington would be here.  So would The Hobbit)
  5. History & Politics (29)
  6. Sea Tales & Techincal  (55)
  7. Western (26)
  8. World Wars & Spies (53)
  9. Reference (22)
And 11 pages unsorted after that.  Where do I put Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court?  Western, maybe.  Recession Proof your Pantry?  Reference

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