Thursday, June 11, 2020

Range Monday

I noticed I was shooting low after the first magazine. 

I use silhouettes where I CAN'T see the hole to remove the temptation of looking over my sights for my hits.  But I see em when I bring the trolley back.  I adjust and the holes near the yellow spot on the face were my 5 round mag improvement.

The next 3 mags were the center mass shots.

There is always at least ONE flyer where I screw up. 

8 yards, commodity plastic striker fired 9mm rental service pistol.

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Anonymous said...

One challenge with new shooters is getting them to weld their focus to the front sight; there'a s huge temptation to shift focus to the target to see where the shot went.

It's a Learned Skill to not do that, and it comes only with the confidence that stance, grip, sight alignment, and trigger control are good enough to reliably predict where the hole (or impact, for steel) will be.

The shooter has to, first, understand, then appreciate, the intimate relationship between the front sight and the resultant hole, and trust what he (or she) has learned about managing that relationship.

It comes with time, experience, practice, and, usually, some coaching.

It's a difficult task; some never learn it.