Tuesday, June 2, 2020


Some recoil therapy.  My range opened up.  They are keeping it to half capacity and please wear a mask.  Commodity plastic stiker fired 9mm.  8 yards at first.

  1. Not bad for a first magazine after MONTHS.  
  2. I was rushing on purpose  The lower right is an experiment to GRIP---trigger.  But I gave up when it gave me low and right and went to a more relaxed grip I was training with for years.  I'll give that some more attention and more rounds, just not now.
  3. Getting tired, getting sloppy.  Too many rounds were MakeGunGoNOW trigger pulls instead of good ones, but I was pleased to get ANY good shots at all.  Some bad shots were called, some not.  I need to sharpen that skill with practice, too.
  4. I pushed the target trolley out to 50 feet.  Only that one REALLY bad flyer.  I can't see that far so was pleased about this one too.  Considering.
Just glad to do something.  It had been too long.  Blow the cobwebs from the rafters.

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