Wednesday, June 3, 2020


The Southern Poverty Law Center?  They went from noble civil rights group, to hustlers, to pure Lefty Pinkos.  And since these riots are sparked by racial issues and promulgated by commies they, of course, are gonna blame White Supremacists for instigating and provoking all the riots.  All them white folks handing out bricks, they'll say Aryan Nation types.  I am sure.


They didn't?

They aren't blaming them?  The opposite.

Well, no shit.

Just when you think you know something about someone...

(you already knew they weren't them icky racist groups.  none of the various flavors EVER go around in skinny jeans.)


McChuck said...

The SPLC was founded by communists, for the express purpose of committing lawfare against the US.

Antibubba said...

It never hurts to link to the original article, since aggregators like Breitbart and HuffPo usually editorialize.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I can't get to the nytimes