Saturday, June 13, 2020


When reading, back in the old days, when I came across a word I was unfamiliar with the meaning of I'd look it up in the dictionary.  In school there were dictionaries everywhere.  And there were a couple at home.  I know other people that would underline and mark the page of the hard words and come back later.

And not just hard works.  I vaguely knew what a Davenport, Settee, Divan, and Morris Chair were, but it was nice to nail that down in my head, specifically.

Now?  I don't have to.  Highlight a word in Kindle or iPad or web browser and the onboard or online distionary pops right up.  One of the nicer things about living in the future.

The only problem?  The French and Latin the educated inter-war Swells like to bandy about when they are acting snooty.  Kindle don't do those.

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