Thursday, June 25, 2020

There is no full size Shield

I guess that makes sense.  Aiming for the carry market.

Well, I guess the S&W M&P EZ versions are about full size.  Almost 4" barrel.  Aiming for the sock drawer market.  And the older hands market.

All the 9mm Shields have a thumb or grip safety too.

I'd have to get a double stack to have a pistol with none of the extras on there.  Hmph.  Gonna have to think on this.

None of this thinking matters as this is not the time to be gun shopping if you wanna see a lotta models.

Good thing I am not in a hurry because all gun sales in my state are on hold.  Interesting way to bad guns if they keep it up.  And since SCOTUS signalled they won't do anything about it in court cases, lessee is the State takes that reticence as an invitation and a trigger for the background checking machine 'failure'.

Whatcha gon' do, SUE EM to get your right back?  Ha!  What you have is all you are going to have.  Well, legally.    


Angus McThag said...

The Shields without thumb safeties are in the very first link on the page you linked to.

S&W's web site sucks.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Good tip. I'll look harder when shopping now that I know to.

Thomas said...

I would have preferred a Shield without the safety, but just couldn't find one a couple of years ago when I was shopping.
But, the safety is stiff enough that it's been totally fine leaving it on FIRE as if it wasn't there, no problems at all.

FWIW the price on Shields seems to have gone up from $250 back in late 2018 to about $330 or $340 now.