Monday, June 1, 2020

Follow the Money

I wonder who funds Antifa types?

I wonder if the FBI will redouble their efforts about them, now?  Seems that would be a good use of DOJ resources.  I always assume that if a buncha Klan yahoos get together, all 14 of em, that at least half of them work for the Feds in one capacity or another.  From occasional CI snitch on up.  But the FBI has been working on the Kluxers since the 1920s without much let up.

They took their foot off the gas pedal with the Reds a bit, evidence suggests.  The worry is over-reaction.  Which always happens.  But how much?

After all, The FBI do play dirty though, don't they?  Unleash them and they you have to deal with the overreach later.  And we are still dealing the overreach from 10 years ago now.

The news media tried to convince me all weekend that is was Russia and MAGAs funding and organizing and provoking all the riots.  But they've lied a lot to me lately, and some of them are in Antifa, based on their past actions, so I take stuff they with a grain of salt.  Bout this size:

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