Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ammo Prices

I went to MY gunstore. It's been a while. I wanted to see what he had in stock. Particularly ammo. If he had any I was gonna buy a few boxes.

The good news is, he stocked up very well before the rush. He had over a dozen of anything I wanted on the shelf.

The bad news? Holy MOLY, the prices. $40 for .380 (that's actually kinda cheap, lately). $35 for .45. Wow. Even his budget bin was getting expensive. I was tempted by the grab bag of 100 .45s for $40, but some of them had 1941 an 43 datestamps. WWII American surplus. Cool, but those are corrosive primed, prolly.

I only bought a couple. Because I only could. I had so much in the budget for ammo. The difference between 3 boxes and 6 boxes in less than a year is where my money takes me.

His gun sales have slacked since December, they said. But, ironically and ruefully, one of the salesmen noted that if that looney-tunes socialist Israel hater had used an AR type rifle instead of a .22 to shoot up the Holocaust Museum, he'd sell out of guns again with the worry that the there would be another assault weapons ban in the wake of that abominable crime. Leave it to the anti-gun types to be the best salesmen for the gun retailers.


Jonathan said...
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Jonathan said...

Mall-Wort price for 100 rounds for 9mm Winchester white box ammo: $19.97

I've seen the 9mm and .45 ammo trickle onto the shelves lately, along with .25 acp. 38/.357 and .22 ammo is still gone, though.

So the big box stores may not be price gouging, but the small businesses certainly may be doing so.

I think production is catching up with the inflated demand. It'll take time, but until then some businesses will take advantage of the shortage.