Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Gun Done Broke

What? AGAIN?! Was it the 1911 again?

No, I hinted at this yesterday. The 1894C is out of action. I gotta make an appointment with the gunsmith.

You know the gate dealie that you load rounds into the rube through? It's funky. Droops down, and out of alignment. Maybe a spring is not holding the gizmo right anymore. And this is causing some feed problems. Jams up the whole damn thing. So, how do you UNLOAD a lever action by prying cartridges back into postion to hopefully bring them out the way they came in? With a metal tipped screwdriver, or course. And too close to the primer to make me feel really comfortable, I tell you what. There was some pucker factor but I got them out. I'd hate to set off the back of a tube and then get the chain reaction of exploding death.

And there is no way I am taking this apart for some kitchen table gunsmithing. I have no idea if I could get the verschlagging thing back together, and I like the rifle too much to risk it. The few shots I got off before it jammed up permanent were very accurate. More so than I deserve to be.


Anonymous said...

If you can get the lever halfway open, remove the screw at the front of the lever. Pull the lever straight out, then pull the bolt out to the rear of the receiver.

You should be able to remove the stuck rounds then.

Good luck,

Bob S. said...

Dude, sorry to hear that.

I've been strongly considering a 1894C as my first rifle.

Hope the repairs are minor.

Jenny said...

Tighten the screw in line with and about an inch back from the loading gate. That's connected to the "tang" of the gate itself and it should tighten right up no fuss. Might want to loc-tite it.

That was my first "oh no, it's broken!" gun moment, on a .30-30.

Anonymous said...

Not sure on the Marlin, but my Rossi '92 has a removable plug on the barrel end. I've had to use this since my bullet stop went bad.

Rick in NY said...

Yup, Loc-tite is your friend, make sure you use the blue and not the red, just in case you ever need to take it apart on purpose.

I own one of these little Marlins too, love it dearly. Put a Williams rear peep and front Firesight on it, way better than the factory sights IMHO. Nice rifle.