Friday, June 12, 2009


I'm starting to hear about a trick for keep the TSA screeners at airports from sticking their nose in your private belongings. The problem is I'm learning it from non-gun types.

Shhhh. If this trick get's too widespread the TSA will get wise and put a stop to it.

The trick is one highlighted by people recently on their trip to Phoenix, but I had read it before in other blogs. I might have first read it in Smallest Minority, but Breda and Snowflakes in Hell touched on it this past month. If you check your gun and ammo in your baggage you get to actually LOCK your hard-sided suitcase, and the baggage handlers don't get to go all sticky finger through your stuff. Some guys at work want a cheap revolver to check in their luggage when they fly. No ammo. They never want to shoot that revolver. They aren't gunnies at all. Guns are icky. But they want TSA to mind their own business. So they are willing to own a Model 10 revolver and feel ok about that by never buying bullets for it. I don't think that's much of a 'win' for our side, but...

Like I said, if this becomes a trend, look to Uncle Sam to reconsider the rule and restrict it up.


Chris Bennett said...

Flying with Fish advocates buying a Starter Pistol if you don't have an actual firearm to put in with camera gear when you fly, as that allows(requires) you to lock the case with a non-TSA lock after the baggage check.

Ed Skinner said...

One small detail -- after you announce that there's a gun in your suitcase, you then get to escort the bag to the TSA area where they Xray and, about half the time, open the suitcase, unlock the gun box and inspect the gun.

But if that qualifies for keeping the TSA out then, by all means, help yourself.

Chris Bennett said...

Ed, (I know this is an old post whoops)

The point is that the inspection happens in your presence, then you lock your bag with a lock they aren't able to (allowed to) open, so that little gremlins behind the curtain don't tamper with or remove things from your luggage without your knowledge.