Friday, June 26, 2009

While you CAN repeal the 2nd Amendment

You aren't repealing a right. The 2nd doesn't GIVE Americans a right. It's something everyone in the world possesses. Repealing the Amendment doesn't make the inherentness of the whole thing go away.

Repealing the 2nd just allows the Government to poop all over that right under the guise of law. You may be ruled as a subject and unable to arm yourself, but you still have a right to arm yourself for self-defense and to oppose tyrants.

They don't hate guns, they hate US. They don't hate us because we are gun nuts and have a gun or two or whatever; but because we may resist Evil, where they won't, and they don't want to be reminded of this failing.


Anonymous said...

Well Said!

Bob S. said...

Excellent Post Bolt

In very few sentences you've captured one of the most important points of the argument.