Monday, June 15, 2009

Carbon Fiber M1A stocks

One of the things about getting an aftermarket stock for the M1A is that the stocks available are covered with rail to mount useful things to the rifle (good) but these rails are in themselves heavy, not the mention the stuff you then hang on them. It's a big reason why I got the plain walnut stock. The rifle felt front heavy in every other configuration.

I did see this carbon fiber stock from McCain Industries:

So a super light stock, but see? They added too much metal up front. I'd consider maybe going this route if there were half as many rails there.

The more and more I think about it the more I think I will just go with a scout type fore-rail. And that's it. Mount an EOTech on that, and be done with it. You can get a red dot scope and a flashlight on that way, and what else would I really need? I'm probably not going to be shooting nuisance pigs in the dark, like some people do in farm country.


Steve said...

My biggest problem with m14 stocks is the price. They all cost a fortune!

Anonymous said...

McCann Industries will make the stock with whatever rails you want (or no rails at all).

Dick Barnes said...

Howdy; Noted your mention of our Carbon Fiber Stock. I wanted to clarify that the forward rails are lightweight aircraft aluminum and add almost no weight to the stock. In fact, a fully loaded rifle with our stock is a couple of pounds lighter than factory.

Also, we custom finish each stock and the buyer can choose which, if any, rails to have installed.
Dick Barnes; McCann Industries