Friday, June 26, 2009

Cleaning Rod

So I wanted a cleaning rod to push patches through my rifles. And I wanted one piece rods that had no segment seams and I wanted something softer than steel. Why? My rifles have to be cleaned from the muzzle end, and I didn't want to ding the soft edge of the crown and the very end of the rifle barrel.

I had heard Tetra one piece cleaning rods were good. And the one I have seemed ok at first. But the coating on the rod is peeling off like it was made of 50 year old black paint, leaving flakes everywhere. Krep!

I'm thinking maybe a Dewey. They seem to be everywhere.


Anonymous said...

All signs seem to point to Dewey coated single-piece rods as the way to go.

Also get a guide.

If you're getting this for your M1A, I've got an M1A Scout Squad and got this rod:

and this guide:

Note that I did get this at first:

But I couldn't get it working. The first guide works great... slip it down the muzzle brake, cleaning rod slides on through.

Works like a charm on my Scout Squad. You might need a longer rod for yours since your barrel is longer.

Paladin said...

Sorry if this is a dumb suggestion - I'm sure I'm missing some important point.

If all you're looking to do is push patches through, and you're not needing to attach a jag or brush, is there any advantage to using one of those $32 rods intead of just using a wooden dowel rod from the hardward store?

An oak dowel rod small enough to fit the bore, but large enough to be stiff enough, would run you about $2. I don't see where wood would mar the steel any more than a coated metal rod would.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Mostly I clean with a boresnake, but there are some application where I want to push a lot of brass brush through, or apply an ammonia based anti-guilding chemical.

But i have used the wooden dowel method at times. But yeah, the rod, it is for the brush/jag stuff

Anonymous said...

IIRC, the old Dewey rods didn't take standard 8-32 brushes without an adapter.

I have a Tipton carbon fiber rod and I like it.


Anonymous said...

Oops, I was mistaken. It was the Parker-Hale rods which needed an adapter.


Monsyne Dragon said...

Personally, I'd just pick up a nice length of brass or aluminum rod of the right diameter from the local hobby shop, and thread it appropriately myself. That plus a hardware store replacement screwdriver handle will do nicely.

Brian said...

Deweys come with an adapter for standard cleaning jags - I bought one for my Mosin-Nagant and couldn't possibly be more happy with the construction and flexibility. Buy it. You won't regret it.