Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mickey D's

I don't know what to think about FTC types encroaching on blog content. Sounds misplaced. Doesn't the FTC have better things to do? Or, ideally, LESS things to do? Shouldn't they be concerned about weaselling out of over-generous pensions for retired FTC workers and layoff as many people as possible in their DC offices? It'd be a great service to taxpayers.

What I DO know is I could really go for some McDonalds food right now. Mmmmm-mmm! A Big Mac with that sumptious and juicy quarter pound of USDA grade A beef. And the special sauce is nie on manna from Heaven. I don't need to tell my readers how superior their french fries are. Makes my mouth water. After eating I'll wash it all down with an icy cold, refreshing, Coca Cola. I'm lovin' it!

Don't eat at those other fast food restaurants. They make their burgers out of Soylent Green.And Soylent Green is made from people.

[full disclosure... I don't eat McDonalds burgers. Not since 1975. I don't like onions and their burger comes with onion. It too much of a hastle to get them to hold the onions. It took the invention of the McNugget in the early 80s before there was anything I'd want at all off their menu save fries and a vanilla shake. While I don't eat their burgers, I WILL indeed cash any checks made out to me that the McDonalds corporation wants to send. Hurry, Ronald, before the FTC sticks their noses into the transaction.]


Bob S. said...


Don't forget to cash all the checks you get for being a paid member of the Gun Lobby.

They are running slow...really slow in getting those checks out though. I've been accused of being a part of the paid gun lobby for 18 months now and I've YET to see a check.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

You get checks? The NRA send me wheelbarrows full of cash. I prefer it that way, anyhow.

Bob S. said...

Maybe that is the problem.

While I've been looking in the mail box....someone is stealing my wheelbarrows !!!!

Man, the wife is going to be PISSED.