Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I moderate comments older than 3 days. The problem with blogger is that they don't associate those moderated comments with the post very well. So I don't know WHERE this comment is now.

Anyway, it was spam, and I allowed it, in order to have THIS blog fodder.

He was essential plugging Front Sight. It has "the biggest firearm training facility in the country."

Ok, interesting. I've considered going to one of the big training facilities. Cooper's legacy at Gunsite, Thunder Ranch, Blackwater like the bloggers did, or Rob Pincus' thing at ICE.

The problem with Front Sight is that they've been in the news lately. There has been litigation against them. Class action suit and judgments against them. Some receivership issues. Rumors of LRonHubbardian stuff in the classes. It all seems to have an off-odor hanging around any mention of the place.

I don't know enough about the details, and what is true or not, but the word around the watercooler makes me feel a little hinky about them. They may be perfectly fine and innocent, but it doesn't take much to make me feel I could look elsewhere. One way is to have all this bad press and successful big lawsuits turn up in google searches

Another way is to spam my comments with commercials!

I'd have put this in my comments area next to theirs if I could only find the post.

Now it could be just a happy customer and a big fan of Front Sight posted the promotional copy. If true, that doesn't make me any happier.


But, my biggest criteria right now for one of these major training evolutions that I might sign up for is, 'Is it good?' and 'Is it close?' So that leaves ICE and Blackwater at the top of the list.


Anonymous said...

FrontSight is rather a long way off... pretty much the other end of the continent from Ohio. I happen to have gotten a deal on 2-day defensive hand-gun and will be attending shortly with a brother who was also interested. Hadn't heard about the litigation, etc. Not super familiar with LRH or Scientology, but will be cautious about swallowing everything as Gospel. I'm going because I want superior use-of-arms training and have heard FS praised by the likes of Jim Rawles and Dave Champion, not for a religion class.

I'm surprised you would consider Blackwater. I guess they're eastern CONUS, which could be a plus. I guess I've written them off because of how the media plays their attitude and disregard for the rights of people. They seem to be (at least a noticeable percentage of them) well-trained, hired thugs. Maybe I'm wrong.

I'd be aggravated if someone just pasted "copy" in my blog's comments section as well.

Anonymous said...

Another facility to consider is Rangemaster. I've heard nothing but good things about them. I'll be getting my first exposure to Tom Givens in September and am very much looking forward to it.

Also look for things by InSights Training Center. It's mostly in Washington State, but they do travel around.