Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hey T-Bolt!

Why do you want/prefer to disarm by removing the whole holster, rather than just take the gun out and leave the holster on your belt?

Several commenters wondered when I mentioned that in THIS post.

Well, I've got a reason.

I am of a mind that you take the gun out of the holster to shoot it to clean it, ideally. If you unholster you are now handling a firearm that may be cocked and locked (if you have a 1911 type) or just have one in the chamber ready to go with a trigger that isn't that hard to pull (ala Glock types.) Handling a firearm in a somewhat casual situation, like stowing it in the car while you go into church or the courthouse, you increase the chances of that finger you endeaver to keep off the trigger 99.999% of the time. If it was still in the holster, and that holster is a good one, then you have reduced the chances of snagging that bang switch on something and putting a hole in your dashboard or something more valuable.

I'm still getting used to the safety idea surrounding carrying with one in the chamber. On one hand, when you need it fast, not having to rack the slide is a safe thing. On the other hand, if you go around with a round in the pipe you got that one chance for an unhappy discharge when you monkey around with the gun, putting in the nightstand or under your pillow at bedtime, or under the floor mat when entering your kid's school to accept the scholastic accolades for raising such a smart student. Or whatever.

So my thought is, keep it in the holster as much as possible, and keep it ready to fire.

Where did I get this attitude about keeping the pistol in the holster as much as possible? I'm pretty sure it was Tam, but I can't find the old post of her'n to be sure. And hell, I respect Tam's thinking. Makes sense, to my melon. And things that make sense can be few and far between.

My preference errs on the side of safety and caution, all round. That doesn't mean someone can be careful and do things the tuthuh way. I don't judge. Not unless you start spinning your pistol around like a cowboy trickster with great flourish, finger in the trigger guard... with a 1911... THEN I'd need to find someplace else to be. In a hurry.


OrangeNeckInNY said...

When I take my 1911 outside, I cock and lock and then put it into my thumb-break holster. When I get home, I ease the hammer down to the uncocked position and then I put it back in the holster. This way, when I'm at home, I'm safe, but when I'm out, it's ready to go.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I don't think I'd ever lower a hammer on a loaded chamber, outside of a target range, on any Single Action item. For a 1911 at home, I'd remove the magazine and rack the slide to get the that one out of battery.