Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Trollop The Gun Nut II

So... Trollop bought a .44 on gunbroker. 8" barrel on that bad boy. HUGE. Ginormous. Now she is going through the transfer process.

On a hunch we went to Bass Pro. She needs a gun rug for the pistol, and some splatter targets, and we'd LOOK for ammo.

There was no gun rug big enough. We'll look elsewhere. I don't get it. Bass Pro has gargantuan .50 Smiffs for sale in the case, but you'd need to buy a rifle case to tote it out.

Ammo was sparse, as expected. They had .25 and .32 only. Oh, and .44 Magnum. Hooray! She did the ammo etiquette and only took 3 of the 7 boxes on the shelf. And the cost less than $32 each. Not bad. Cheaper than the .45 I bought recently. Whoda thunk that the .44 would be the budget shooter?

The only other ammo they had was Remington .223. So no sign of the ammo shortage alleviating, at least evidenced by shelf space.

Future acquisition for the Trollop .44 is nice wood grips.


Chas said...

Stop the teasing, we want pictures! BTW, pics of the .44 would be nice too.

Jay G said...

MidwayUSA has large gun rugs, and cheap at that.

Good on Trollop!

(BTW, $32 for a box of 50 rounds of .44 Magnum is CHEAP!)