Sunday, June 7, 2009


I love the Swiss.

But I need to learn more about them.

My ancestors come from the land across the Bodensee from Switzerland, in Bavaria.

Of course their "every man a rifleman" and "shoot twice and go home" are legendary tropes. But they might just be tropes. And some socialist weenies have tried to enact gun control in Switzerland recently. The poisons of the welfare state even creep up the Alps, it seems.

I admire their stands against despotism, and that that attitude is a long tradition, but before WWII, my history knowledge is limited to an awareness of an awesome pole-arm equipped infantry that tended to win a lot in Renaissance and Medieval times.

Can anyone recommend a good Swiss History written in English? Somehow, getting all my further Swiss History from 2nd Amendment websites is not enough.


lordjim said...

I'm waiting for Breda to answer this one but there's too much librarian in me to pass it up. Do an advanced search in OCLC's open worldcat (Google it) use Switzerland History as the search term in subject, book as the format and English as the language. When the results are shown select Content as non-fiction and audience as non-juvenile. That will get you quite a few hits. Find a few that look good then ILL them from your local library.

Earl said...

Another librarian reads gun stuff? And for those just gunnies - the answer for the search is perfect for the subject and patron's request.