Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Saw a link to this guy on Craigs List. Minute Man Armor.


It would have limited application, I think, because of the bulk it adds. And I don't know how quickly the plastic/lexan top shield would stay free from obscuring scratches. Or how misted up it would get in wet weather. A bullet impact could also render that top shield opaque enough to be worthless. But better the shield is messed up than the face or eyeball of the user.

But think about it... You could make that shield the red dot scope reflector.

I think a SWAT adoption is more likely than an army adoption.


Unknown said...

I think it'd impede mobility and aiming.

But I do like the inherent concept of a shield.

Anonymous said...

If your were in a defensive position and basically sitting waiting for someone to come, it would be extremely effective.

But if your actively hunting someone, it would impede mobility greatly and make it a cinch to grap your weapon away from you.

Although I'd have to see it in action, I'm sure someone could work with it and become very proficient.

Anonymous said...

Maybe try transparent aluminum instead?

Anonymous said...

I remember an old pre WWII Italian marine unit with little shields like that. Useless then, useless now. What is it suppose to be, an instant pillbox, without the protection of a pillbox?