Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rhino Intriguing!

I saw t his on Gun Holsters and Gear a bit ago, then Firearm blog yesterday, so i missed out by not posting about it sooner.

The Rhino... Designed by the same guy that came up with the semi-auto revolver Mateba.

It's an interesting snubbie design. The barrel is aligned with the lowest chamber in the cylinder, thus making recoil less flippy, and the gun more FREAKY.

But I am looking for a snubbie. And I dislike Smith & Wessons trigger lock. I'd pay $200 more for THIS pistol if it doesn't have a trigger lock to mess up things, than buy a conventional pistol. Are you listening Smith and Wesson?

So, aside from being freaky looking and probably difficult to get used to, what are the pros to go with the cons?

Well, it unconventional looking and that would help conceal it better, CCW-wise. The imprint in a pocket carry situation might be lessened. It looks like a gun, but not AS much, see?

I bet there are no leather holsters for it, but as a snubbie in a pocket a cheapy generic nylon holster would be fine.

What are the chances I will even SEE one of these, EVER? I've never seen a Matebo. I've never seen a Cooper Scout rifle. I've never seen a .45 Camp Carbine. I've never seen a Medusa multi caliber revolver... Think about how rare this will be... But a man can hope.

It is kinda pretty isn't it? But that angle from the web of your hand down to the trigger seems a little severe. I wonder how it feels to shoot.


Jeffersonian said...

I run the monthly steel plate match at my club. One of the regulars there has a .357 Mateba and sometimes uses it in competition. He let me fire it once. Almost no muzzle flip, amazing shot-to-shot recovery compared to my GP100.

IIRC he said he hunted the 'net for it for a year or more.

lordjim said...

I used to see the .45 Marlin Carbines all the time in KY. I've handled a Styer Scout at the NRA convention in 2008. If it had irons I would have placed an order right there. But those others. No way. Rare as hen's teeth.