Saturday, October 17, 2009


I need a good pair of boots. And Sig-Boy recommended 5-11. So, on that recommendation, I went to a gunstore in Virginia I knew had the 5-11 line for sale to check them out.

I figured they'd have a limited selection, and I was right. But no matter. I can order them online, I just wanted to see how they felt.

Sadly, I was not pleased. No fault of Sig-Boy. My feet are notoriously hard to fit. I am rarely happy with my footwear.

First, I got a bum knee, and heavy boots aggravate it. 5-11 types are pretty light, so I wasn't worried about that.

Second, my feet are weird. Size 11 something, and I have a few sesamoid bones (I even BROKE one, once or twice. How? They aren't attached to anything!). Regular? Wide? Who knows! If they are too narrow across the ball, I'll get near debilitating blisters between my toes. If the shoe is too wide, the huge blister is on the ball of my foot. 5-11s were too narrow in R and too wide in W.

Two types of non-tennis shoes have fit me. One was a set of special mocassins that were custom made for me. And expensive. The other, oddly enough, were one set of Bates Lites I got in the Navy.

When a Boy Scout I eschewed hiking boots on hiking trips. Tennis shoes worked just fine. Better in the poring rain. The other guys saw me with wet feet at the beginning of a hike and thought I would be miserable. But their boots soaked through in a mile and they were just as wet, with heavier boots collecting heavier mud.

Who do I have to elect to Congress to get a pair of shoes that work for me?

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Timmeehh said...

Try Oakley, about $150 online.