Friday, October 30, 2009


Have you noticed that you never hear from gunnies in New Jersey? Either as a blogger or a commenter. I don't read the forums as religiously as I could, but what I have persused has little showing from the Garden State.

You hear from folks in Illinois, New York (city, even!) and California, but not Jersey.

Are you out there, New Jersey gun enthusiasts?

I understand if you can't talk because the enemy is close aboard, but key your mike or something.


elmo iscariot said...

There are a few of us here. Hell, there are some NJ gunbloggers: I follow Cemetery's Gun Blob and The View from Central Jersey.

I think the big issue is that they make gun ownership so difficult that people who aren't really into it to start with rarely get a chance (which is self perpetuating--there're fewer people to teach the "next generation"), and yet PA's ridiculously close by with pretty mainstream US gun laws. The really dedicated folks often end up moving just over the border. I may be doing it as early as next year.

Home on the Range said...

I get few hits from that state, but I do get them. The worst state for hits. Oregon, Massachusetts and Vermont.

Ian Argent said...

Hey, I'm still here too. There's even a semi-active forum over at

And either my work attracts gunnies, or there's more in NJ than you would think...