Saturday, October 10, 2009


Even that virtual bird-cage liner Salon is starting to wake up the the threat of the walking dead. Associated Press noticed there wa an ammo shortage last week, and now this.

And this means we need to wok on our OPSEC at RoMERO.

Check out the progression in the article. As if we use zombies to represent other things. As if zombies weren't real. You'll think them real enough when one takes a bite out of your hinder and your 12 year old Niece has to perform "Friendship's Final Duty."

I used to read Salon pretty regularly in the old days. Even after it became Commie-Salon (for opposition intel, same reason I listen to NPR). Then they tried to make it a paid site and I lit off for greener leftist pastures and never looked back. Silly Leftists. Or maybe I just hate commercials...

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