Friday, October 16, 2009


My buddy Frozen? Yeah. He’s got a Commie-Gun jones goin’ on.

Why? The guns are plentiful and cheap. They are generally reliable enough to still work after a Russian Peasant has had his way with it. And the ammo is cheap and plentiful. Or plentiful and cheap. He gets more fun and variety out of his shooting dollar.

Currently he owns:

5 handguns
3 shotties
18 rifles

(He had zero when I started this blog.)

Of those rifles, one is an AR, 3 other domestics, 3 Western Europe, the rest Warsaw pact. 3 Pinko pistols (4 if you count the Czech Springfield XD… but I don’t). Even one of the shotguns is a Russki Saiga.

You could argue that his XD is a Warsaw pact gun. Naw. It was imported by a US company specifically for a US market. You’ll go crazy hunting down some of modern gun parts sources, for many models, not just the XD. It’d be like saying my 1911 is Brazillian. It was made there, but it’s a US design (you know who designed it, don’t ya?) by a US company for a US market.

But an SKS… that was designed by a Red, manufactured behind the Iron Curtain, intended for a Warsaw pact solider. Unquestionably an import. And a Commie import at that.

And Frozen loves em. He has 2 more Red guns are on his “Get soon” list.

He relatively recently picked up a Mauser, Swiss K31, and an Enfield, but he is concentrating on AK types now. He already HAS the Mosin slots filled, and the SKS slots… He wants one of each of the AKs, now. Looking at Dragonov and a Nagant revolver, too.

And he's not the only one out there. I've been to the range and all the guy had with him were half a dozen firearms from behind the Iron curtain.


JB Miller said...

Wow. I thought I was bad...

Borepatch said...

#2 Son totally digs the SKS. Enough to actually clean it.