Monday, October 5, 2009


So I am in Virginia over the weekend, helping the Trollop pick up an Urban Assault Vehicle, sold to her by MBtGE.

But that's neither here nor there.

The important part... Virginia... so I'm carrying. And it is cool enough to wear two shirts, on T, on button down cover shirt. So I am going IWB, with a Minotaur.

There are lots of things to get used to when you are unaccustomed to IWB carry.

Not least of which is: How do you re-holster after you draw.

Comp-Tec makes a rigid holster, so it's not like my belt is collapsing the holster.

Any tips on getting the dang thing back in there? I don't always have this problem finding the hole. (That's what SHE said...[hey! leave the wiener jokes to gun-control types!!]) I don't have a problem reholstering a paddle holster, worn outside the belt and usually at 9 o'clock, but IWB is 7 o'clock. I can re-insert the firearm Paddle Holsters upside down, in the dark, and half asleep. IWB I have to hunt for it, and when I find the spot it's still difficult.

Now, when it counts, you want just the VERY important part: the draw. And worry about putting it away when the danger is gone, but still, I'd like to know.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like this is not your normal carry rig, thus what you're dealing with is just being unfamiliar with the setup. If that's the case, I think the only thing that's going to help is practice. Practice clearing the cover garment and getting your hand back on the gun... don't even draw yet, just focus on getting your hand back there. Doing that a bunch. Then add the draw, present, and reholster. Just lots of reps.

I don't think there's going to be any other magic.

One thought however. Do you have to wear IWB at 7? I wear my IWB (a Minotaur too, in fact) at about 3, 3:30... just behind my hip bone. Works fine. Of course, our body shapes could be different and mandate location, but if you can, can you move it forward... maybe even just to 7:30 or 8:00?

Bob S. said...

Hsoi said it, practice.

I actually bought an Airsoft version of my carry piece to practice my draw and reholstering with.

Once I've tripled checked that I'm actually using the Airsoft, I practice drawing from concealment and getting the first shot on target.

Learning to reholster it, especially one handed is tougher. I use an Ace Case holster that does collapse but can manage.

Huey said...

I guess maybe I am not getting it here, is the holster collapsing when you draw and you can't reholster it afterwards? If that's the case you may need to unbutton your pants and belt to get it back in there and go to a kydex set up later.

Secondly, I rarely ever draw once I am concealed. Matter of fact the only time I ever even touch the holster is after I exit a vehicle or do something else that may have shifted the rig in my pants. Once I chamber and holster that it basically the last time that pistol comes out until I put it back in the safe in the evening.