Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hits and a Clairification

Yay, Tam linked to me (AND got my back). A Tamalanche is always good for the hit counter. And so did a nice Luddite guy I hadn’t read before that had some references to William F. Buckley’s actual public support for gun rights. Bully!

One commenter did think I was being derogatory to MetroCons. Perhaps he is right in that some might take away from my post that I was. I want to reassure him and others that I intended no such offense, and I apologize for not being clearer. On the contrary, MetroCons LOVE originalist judges, and apart from appointing ME a Senator of Maryland there is not much better for the cause of Second Amendment advocates than to get more originalist judges on the bench. And originalist judges are good for so many other things. In some separate universe where Ruth Bader Ginsberg is exactly as she is now, but pro-gun, I’d still be less than thrilled with most all of her non-gun rulings and find them detrimental to liberties I hold dear. And I have nothing but respect for the intellectual efforts and writings of Mark Levin. Also, his radio show can be entertaining, especially when he rants.

About the only Conservative type I actively dislike are the retrograde PaleoCons. But that is because of a distinct undercurrent of racism, classism, and anti-semitism inherent in that breed. They don’t oppose illegal aliens because of rule of law issues or their negative impact on public resources devoted to maintaining the welfare state or what have you, but because the skin of illegal aliens is often brown in color. Ick. Heck, PaleoCons are quite often anti-gun in that they want to keep arms out of the hands of what they consider ‘lesser’ peoples, often the poor and non-white. And the left tries to paint the REST of the conservative types with the flaws of the Paleos. I’d be happier if they just went back to being Democrats if they took their taint with them.

But the rest of the types are fitting just fine in the big tent as far as I’m concerned. Buckley’s efforts in the 50’s are a big reason why PaleoCon types were and are marginalized, along with the KookyCons (Flouridated water is a Commie plot to sap our vital fluids!), and why all the divergent Conservative types are pulling on the oars in the same direction (or mostly the same direction…)


Tam said...

I believe that you and I see very different meanings to the word "paleocon".

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

probably. I think of Pat Buchanon as the living iconic Paleo. Someone that could shamelessly and unironically use the word 'uppity' in a description of someone.