Friday, October 30, 2009

Rank the States

Heinous gun control regimes spread their odoriferous ways in different ways, state to state. Some states are further along the path to tyranny than others. I was wondering, how would you rank them, with number one being the worst.

Illinois and New York are pretty bad, but mainly around the two dominant cities, New York and Chicago. Southern Illinois and upstate New York still have a thriving gun culture. Or is all of New York state as bad as the city?

Massachusetts is bad, but you can still GET a conceal carry permit. You can't in Wisconsin, but I bet there are much more gun friendly folks, otherwise, in WI.

Maryland is bad, but nearly as bad as New Jersey. Case in point: I can buy hollow point bullets anywhere.

Ok, here are the states. Rank them:

California, New Jersey, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Illinois , New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island. (I usually forget those last 2.)

Did I miss a bad state? And I don't want to hear "Indiana is a horrible state because I can't get a short barrel shotgun!" I WISH Maryland was as 'bad' as Indiana. I can, however, in MD, buy a sawed off shotgun after jumping through the standard NFA hoops...



Papa Whiskey said...

1) California (because I live there)
2)New York (because Bloomgerg lives there.
6)New Jersey
10)Rhode Island

Borepatch said...

Massachusetts is a little complicated, since each town determines their own policy for CCW issue. The further away from Boston, in general, the higher the likelihood that the police chief will grant the permit.

But some towns simply refuse to grant any, under any circumstances.