Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gunsmith idea

My Buddy the Gun Enthusiast advised I might want to try to find a way to combine my gun hobby with my woodworking hobby and do gunsmithing like things with wood. Maybe metal. I don’t know if I have the skill in woodworking/foundry work/machining to do so, but in the conversation we were struck like a Thunderbolt with a brilliant idea.

He suggested making really nice wooden stocks for something common like a Ruger 10/22. Then, almost immediately, the thought of making really nice wooden STEAMPUNK style stocks for a 10/22…

I wouldn’t need a FFL. It’d just be the aftermarket parts. The user would drop in the parts ATF cares about, but the stock could be incredibly fanciful. With brass furniture, superfluous vintage gauges in the stock, maybe LEDs. Even make some little glass bulb with liquid inside that bubbles, somehow, with every shot. Oversized crosshair iron sights…

The thing wouldn’t add much to the shooting performance, but would LOOK REALLY COOL!


Anonymous said...

A steampunk 10/22? Sign me up!

Anonymous said...

I bet they would sell like hotcakes! For a pile of cash!

TriggerFinger said...

Why insist they be nonfunctional? Start with, say, a Savage 12F/TR action, or similar high-end rifle, and in your custom stock include:
* A bubble level
* A thermometer
* A altimeter
* A pressure sensor
* Whatever you use to measure humidity
* a wind guage
* a themed bidpod/tripod/benchrest
* a themed scope mount

Do them all up in a nice brass finish and you'd have one heck of a package.

All useful sensors.

JB Miller said...

Make it a cuff that slides over your forearm!

Stretch said...

Do you require a deposit? Check or Postal Money Order?

Museice said...

Sketch Please!

Anonymous said...

All right, already! We've been waiting (almost) a week! Where's the prototype!!!!!! HURRY!!!!!!! :-)