Thursday, October 29, 2009

October Range Report

I went to the range last week. It had been a while. Beginning of September maybe? No, it was the very end of August.

Here is target number one. .45 ACP is the ragged holes on the left, the clean holes from a hollow point on the right are .40, the 1911 and 229 respectively, all at 25 feet.

Check out the lower left!:

Not bad, hey? Well, no, not really. I was aiming for the target above. That's the bad news. I seem to have developed a wrist break. At least when I am rusty. But, note, they ARE centered. I've been working on improving the trigger pull.

The 229 had a wide, kinda centered, pattern. Not bad, but not good.

Once I settled down with the 1911 the groups tightened and got closer to the center for target 2:

The top 2 are 1911, bottom right Sig.

The last target I aimed at was the top right. The ones on the bottom were early in the string and still wrist breaking a bit (anticipating and compensating...) But later they all seemed to move up and toward the center. My trigger pull is getting much better when I can Zen it out. My standard flaw of 'low and right' from bad trigger work is much lessened, this time. Hopefully I can keep up with that kind of improvement.

It was an ACTUAL group on the top right. Kept clustering in the big hunk near the center on the last couple mags. I don't think the 1911 has been that good to me, to date.

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Arthur said...

WOOHOO! THANK YOU! for posting the range at which you fired.

My local range only has a 25 yard line to shoot pistol from. I'd compare my targets with those posted online and get depressed. :P

Now that I cast my own bullets I can afford to practice more often. Right now my 25 yard slow fire targets look like your 25 foot ones so now I don't feel so bad. :)

I'm also really shocked at how quickly my accuracy fades if I don't get to the range for a few weeks. I've learned to start with my Ruger 22/45 because my first few magazine always display a wicked low/left pull. Better to waste the cheap ammo first.