Thursday, April 1, 2010

1 April

Yes it was an April Fools post.

But he IS interested in M3's because of the war. And I am arranging a little surprise for him. My local gunstore has a machine gun shoot coming up and he can get a Greasegun for it. I want to take the old guy up there to let him turn my money into noise.

But he didn't bring back much in the way of booming souvenirs. Except for the 30mm shell. Not kidding about that. He dug out all the propellent with a spoon and the whole thing immersed in a bucket of water. He said it was like dried play-doe. He then electrified it and made it look like a light house tower.

So, to confirm, he owns no Greasegun. That I know of. And if he did and was gonna give it to me, I probably wouldn't tell you.


Anonymous said...

D'OH! That's it! You are off my Kwanzaa Card list!

Mad Saint Jack said...