Monday, April 12, 2010

Two and Two

Putting two and two together. I’ve lamented a lack of an XD. I’ve pined for a spare weapon in my so-called orphan calibers of .380, .45, and maybe .40… Why not combine the two problems together to an elegant solution?!

You’ve got chocolate in my peanut butter! No, you’ve got peanut butter on my chocolate! Two great tastes that taste great together.

Fine. I’ll update the list.

But wait…. I really do want another 1911 someday, Combat Commander configuration (who knows which brand...). Fine, maybe a plastic .45, maybe not. So .380 or .40. I’d like to see how small the XD sub-compact in .40 feels in my hand. But it would be a good back-up IWB type pistol. And the .380 version would be nice if I never find another Pocket Hammerless to CCW in my… uh… pocket. (oh, wait.... XDm 38 doesn't refer to a .380. It's an XDm with a 3.8 inch barrel... Silly me.)

Running out of enthusiasm here.

But it would be helpful for introducing n00bs to shooting. Having a plastic gun, but also one I like for myself, and a spare to some other primary pistol.

Ok, so I won’t put them very high on the priority list. It may be sufficiently comforting to know that an XD is just there. On the list. And I won’t need one in the gunsafe at all.

I got other things to spend my shooting money on. Like practice and training.


Frozen said...

If you do eventually get an XD (or XDm), do yourself a favor and send it in to Springfield for the combat trigger job + trijicon night sights. It's well worth the $. No other trigger on any of my pistols comes close.

Jerome said...

Thinkin' my XD may have to get boxed up and sent to the factory.

Chums, if you'd like to wrap your paws on an XD45, let me know.