Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I realized that I have sparked firearm interest in many people.

Oh, sure, most of them were already kinda interested. But I was sort of the camel that broke the straw's back. They talk to me a bit, then go out an purchase a Roscoe.

And they invariably select an XD as their first purchase.

Ok, the Beard and the Contrarian got .22s, so they didn't get an XD. Maybe when they go full size.

But, Chuckles, Corky, Frozen, Tollop, Network-Guy, and one other that has slipped my mind... all got one right out of the gate.

Springfield should send me a commission check. Or heck, just send me an XD. I'd prefer the sub compact .40 with night sights, thank you.

{Oooo! But now this exists...}


Boat Guy said...

Bought a pair of .45 XD's for Bride's first handgun class on advice from Heidi Smith. Started carrying the 4" for "familiarization"; now, it's my daily carry - and I have a LOT of options for carry guns.
If Springfield were to ask, I wouldn't be requesting a ".45-lite" but another .45.

Old NFO said...

I'm glad SOMEBODY can shoot them... I can't get them to point straight now, nor when they were HS95s.